Fall is definitely here and we are winding down our year!!.  We still have a good selection of Winter Squashes and Carrots and Peppers. We also have some Tomatoes..  Wonderful Mini Pumpkins and Indian Corn and a selection of Apple Gourds, Gourds and Pumpkins. Next week will be our last week based on the amount of items we have left but will update the blog to keep you informed!! Stock up on Dill Pickles, Bread and Butter Pickles, Pickled Beets and Salsa. Please feel free to contact me via the blog and send an email if you need any canned items or fresh breads over the winter and I will be happy to assist you.  Also keep in mind that fresh breads and jellies, along with Salsa make a nice Christmas Gift.  We have appreciated all of your patronage this summer and hope to have an earlier start next year in providing you with an assortment of fresh produce!!  Thank you so much for a great year and your support!!